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Pre-written Termpapers, Research Papers and Custom Research Writing for Students and Industry Your resource for locating approximately 20,000 pre-written termpapers for your research requirements, as well as writers and editors of proven ability to meet your special-project research needs.

  • Availability: Pre-written termpapers can be shipped via Overnight Express, U.S. Mail, Fax, or EMail (as Microsoft Word documents). Custom Research can be delivered within one to two weeks, depending on length and complexity.
  • Prices:
    Pre-Written Termpapers: Each termpaper is individually priced in the catalog. The price is listed as the last item following the description of the termpaper.
    Custom Research: Prices vary depending primarily on length and your deadline requirements. For an immediate price quote, please phone us and discuss your needs with one of our counselors (9-9 Eastern US time, seven days per week) or complete the form behind the Custom Work button below.
  • Payment: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), Western Union, Bank Transfer or Money Order.

Ordering a Pre-Written Termpaper

1. Our catalog is online! The SUBJECT INDEX appears to the left of each page. It lists broadly defined subjects.
2. Choose a subject of interest. This will bring you to an list of subcategories or a list of pre-written termpapers.
3. Browse the list of pre-written termpapers to find one which suits your needs.
4. To order a pre-written termpaper, click the Catalog Number button to the left of the Paper Title of interest. You will be taken to our ORDER FORM.
5. Complete and submit the ORDER FORM, or print and fax it to (610) 471-0780. Otherwise, call us at 1-800-837-6727.

Searching for a Pre-Written Termpaper

Need to search for a specific topic? Our keyword search engine can help you scan our entire catalog of pre-written termpapers for a desired topic. Simply enter keywords related to the topic. The engine will search all titles and descriptions (within the chosen category) for a match. To access our search engine, click the Topic Search button above.

Custom Research

If you cannot find a pre-written termpaper or have special research requirements, A1 Termpaper can help. To learn more about our custom research and writing service, click the Custom Work button above. Complete and submit the CUSTOM RESEARCH FORM or call us! We will evaluate your needs and provide you with an estimate in a day or two.

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